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Deck is Steam-Powered

The software that runs on Steam Deck is powerful, easy to use, and—best of all—it's always getting better.

Console-like experience

The console-like experience of Steam and SteamOS is one of the core features of Steam Deck. It’s designed specifically for gamepad controls, and tailored for Steam Deck - making it the easiest way to get into PC gaming.

Always getting better

We’re always listening to feedback to hear what customers are asking for, and we’re constantly turning that feedback into updates to Steam and SteamOS.

Over the last year and half, over three hundred updates have shipped with new features and improvements for Steam Deck.

All the Steam features
you’d expect

Cloud Saves

Start playing on a PC and pick up right where you left off on Deck or vice versa.


All notifications are now in one place, so you can check-in without leaving your game.

Steam Chat

Your friends are all here—access Steam Chat at the push of a button.

Remote Play

Stream games from your home PC directly to your Deck no matter where you are.


The entire Steam Store experience is accessible from Deck.


Keep up to date with friends, news, and all the latest activity from Steam.

Actual gameplay running on prototype hardware

Your Steam Library, anywhere

Once you've logged into Steam Deck, your entire Steam Library shows up, just like any other PC. You'll be able to find your collections and favorites - exactly where you left them.

Steam just works on Deck

Steam on Deck has been optimized for gamepad controls, and is the easiest way to get into PC gaming.

Playing, buying, finding games, adjusting settings and adding peripherals, updating games, drivers, and system software—all these things are incredibly easy to do without any fuss. And just like Steam on PC, it gets better with every update.

Actual gameplay running on prototype hardware

A new Steam operating system

On Steam Deck, your games run on a different operating system than the one on your desktop PC. It's called SteamOS, and it was built with Steam Deck in mind and optimized for a handheld gaming experience. SteamOS is constantly being updated, and new features and improvements are added all the time. “Hold on to your butts!”

SteamOS also comes with Proton, a compatibility layer that makes it possible to run your games without any porting work needed from developers. For Deck, we're always working to improve Proton's game compatibility and support, and we are testing all games so players know how they will play on Steam Deck with a program called Deck Verified.

Learn more about Deck Verified >

It’s a Linux system, you know this!

The new version of SteamOS is optimized for handheld gaming, and it won't get in your way with other stuff. But if you want to get your hands dirty, head on out to the desktop.

Get your hands on Deck!

Steam Deck is shipping now.