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Available now.

There's a dock, too.

We made a Docking Station. Connect your Steam Deck to whatever device you'd like to throw into the mix.
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All-in-one portable PC gaming

Steam Deck brings the Steam games and features you love to a powerful and convenient form factor that you can take wherever you go.

Actual gameplay running on prototype hardware

Hardware designed to put real games in real hands


Steam Deck runs the latest AAA games—and runs them really well.


Full-fidelity controls. Long play sessions. No compromises.


You can connect to peripherals, throw the picture onto a big screen, and do all the other PC things you’d expect.

Your Steam library is
already on Deck.

Just power it on and log in.
Your games and your friends are here.

Steam, without compromises

All of the features you know and love are now
available to your fingers and thumb(stick)s.

Three storage options

There is no in-game difference in frame rates or graphics quality between the three models.



  • 64GB eMMC internal storage
  • Carrying case



  • 256GB NVMe SSD internal storage
  • Faster storage
  • Carrying case
  • Exclusive Steam Community profile bundle



  • 512GB NVMe SSD internal storage
  • Fastest storage
  • Premium anti-glare etched glass
  • Exclusive carrying case
  • Exclusive Steam Community profile bundle
  • Exclusive virtual keyboard theme

Steam Deck is shipping now.

Regional availability

Steam Deck is now shipping to the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. Steam Deck is also available for reservation via Komodo in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. More regions to come—stay tuned for more info.

Speeds and feeds

Take a look at the inputs, internals, and other details that make up Steam Deck.

Get your hands on Deck!

Steam Deck is shipping now.